Starbooks Book Cafe is a cafe and bookstore. What better combination is there than an enticing tome and a freshly brewed cuppa?


Our books can be read on site for free or purchased. Our coffee drinks are amongst the best in Vientiane.
Even better: Starbooks is a social enterprise. 100% of our profits go towards projects within Laos to help the marginalized and poor.



Come to Starbooks and order our specially flavoured shakes. Our fresh, home baked cookies, carrot cakes and pastries are known around town for their tastiness. We bake small, individualized batches that are made by hand with lots of love.



You can purchase any book on offer and take it home. Or sit down with a beverage and read any book we sell on site, for free!



Starbooks has over 1,000 titles, one of the widest selections of books in Vientiane. Our books are mostly English, but we also have a small German and Korean section and a few titles in other languages. Apart from new books we also sell a variety second hand titiles, most of them fo as low as 10,000 LAK (just over 1$).



Our freshly brewed cups of Joe are amongst the best in town and our barristas know how to make foam. You will have a good cup of coffee. Pleasure guaranteed!

Starbooks is a social enterprise: A for-profit business where all the profit is for others.


Starbooks does not exist to make its owners rich. Sure, we need to be able to cover our staff salaries, rent, the utilities buy coffee, baking supplies and pay our taxes. But after that, any profits made will not be given to its shareholders, but invested in community projecs around the country.


Starbooks only opened its doors in 2015 and as such it will still take some time to become profitable and make good on this promise. We are already fulfilling our mission in another dimension: some of our staff are from disadvantaged communities and we plan to continue to emply people who need support, thus doing our part to fight poverty and modern day slavery.


We are in initial conversations with coffee suppliers: local village collectives where the bulk of cash paid goes back into the coimmunities that grow the coffee. (we already use fair trade certified coffee, but this is even more fair trade...) and we're working on identifying possible project partners to funnel future funds to. For more information come to Starbooks or contact us (below). The local owner and the expat managers have extensive networks within the country and will be able to personally verify if the funds have been put to good use by international, ethical standards. 



Of course we offer free, fast Wifi for your convenience. Internet access guaranteed!

Where is Starbooks?

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PO BOX 730







© 2015 STARBOOKS, created by Asiastar.

We named our book cafe Starbooks, becasue we want the books to be the stars. A fast internet search turns up many reading groups and other enterprises with this name. Any similarity in name to other known coffee houses is purely coincidental.